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Aurora’s Knowledge-Economy Incubation Center

The Gravity Building is a growth engine for knowledge-economy jobs and businesses. It blends together a communications company, apprenticeships and strategic business partners in a collaborative, shared-space environment.
Who is inside?

Bureau Gravity, a profitable, well-established Aurora-based marketing, branding and communications firm that specializes in innovative visual storytelling. Gravity Institute is an L3C corporation that provides project-based knowledge-economy apprenticeships in partnership with Aurora Area Pathways to Prosperity and local universities. We are inviting strategic business partners who contribute to the other two enterprises.
What happens inside?

Workforce Development, Job Creation, Business Expansion, Economic Growth, Neighborhood Revitalization
What apprenticeships are offered?

Gravity Institute job apprenticeships focus on IT-related, communications-domain knowledge and storytelling skills: Videography and Filmmaking, Photography, Website Design, Website Development, Brand Creation, Copywriting, Mobile Gallery design and production, Environmental Design, and Event Production.

“Economic success is increasingly based on upon the effective utilization of intangible assets such as knowledge, skills and innovative potential as the key resource for competitive advantage. The term “knowledge economy” is used to describe this emerging economic structure” (Economic and Social Research Council, 2005).